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Corsair Distillery



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Our top three most awarded and best selling products at one low price!  Corsair Triple Smoke American Single Malt Whiskey, Corsair Dark Rye American Rye Malt Whiskey and Corsair American Gin, all for $99.99 (regularly $122.97).  

1.) ABOUT CORSAIR TRIPLE SMOKE - Whisky Advocate’s Artisan Whiskey of the Year - The whiskey that put us on the map.  We use three individually smoked malts (cherrywood from Wisconsin, beechwood from Germany, and peat from Scotland) to craft this deep and complex American single-malt whiskey.   Using 3 distinct smokes provides consistent and balanced smoke from nose to the palate and throughout the finish.

TASTING NOTES - Smoke and notes of cherry pervade the palate, finished by a slight brininess from the mossy peat. Pot distilled then aged in new American charred oak, Triple Smoke has the sweetness of an American whiskey with the rich smoke of an Islay single malt scotch. 80 PROOF

2.) ABOUT CORSAIR DARK RYE - 61% Malted rye, 4% malted chocolate rye, and 35% malted barley make up the grain bill of this rich, delicious whiskey.  Unlike many other rye whiskeys, we do not use corn to fill up our grain bill, choosing instead malted barley which means Corsair Dark Rye is technically both a rye whiskey and a malt whiskey.  This produces exceptionally smooth rye whiskey with chocolate, coffee, and spice instead of green notes common in most ryes.

TASTING NOTES - Rye and citrus fruit forward nose with a hint of chocolate.  Chewy, viscous mouth feel with rye malt spice and oaky sweetness on the palate.  Subtle chocolate and spice notes followed by a clean rye finish and a lingering chocolatey rye after tone. 85 PROOF

3.) ABOUT CORSAIR AMERICAN GIN - We craft our gin in small batches using a vapor basket system instead of boiling/maceration common in other gins.  A vapor system allows a truer flavor to come through because the botanicals go through an extraction process rather than a cooking process.  By using this we can impart a much lighter, crisper botanical medley – resulting in a citrus forward, highly mixable gin.  

TASTING NOTES - Balanced blend of citrus, juniper, cardamom, and cucumber on the nose.  Cucumber peel and Fareast spices coming through on the palate with a hint of mint at the back.  Finishes with a crisp, light but long citrus and spice.  88 PROOF

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